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cumii Telecomms

The Cumii Assets offering allows you to track all your assets from generators and containers to your farming equipment and even your livestock! The benefits are astounding and include fuel savings of up to 20% in generator monitoring, increased productivity and real time monitoring.

Cumii Assets Powered by CTrack offers you fleet management, personal vehicle management services, stolen vehicle recovery and insurance.

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Cumii Drones offers comprehensive drone solutions across different industries and verticals which include:

  • Building Surveys and site inspections
  • Maintenance Inspections
  • Projects progress reports
  • Health and Safety Inductions
  • Spraying
  • Early pest/disease detection
  • 3D drainage modelling for new crops establishment or irrigation planning
  • General mapping
  • Search – Missing people, wanted suspects etc
  • Fire scouting and rescue
  • Solar Farms
  • Telecoms towers
  • Power stations and Power lines
  • Impressive photography is becoming more and more important in the way organizations promote their business, especially now considering the prominence of social media as marketing platform. Stunning 4k media from unique angles can provide an interesting insight into a project making it great for marketing material.
  • Our solution is able to remotely monitor national park’s parameters and also within respective park’s boundaries in search of foreign elements or poachers. Once poachers are identified their exact position is relayed back to command centre where rangers are then dispatched to intercept. Our drone mounted thermal cameras detect heat signatures which allows surveillance at night as well as areas that could be covered by bush or vegetation. Our solution significantly reduces the risk in foot patrolling national park which sometimes could be as high as loss of life, it is also efficient and very effective relative to the foot/car patrolling methods that are currently being utilised.
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cumii Telecomms

Cumii Telecom Services is an infrastructure and power management company which specialises in the engineering, servicing and power management of telecom towers.

8 Anslow Crescent,
Anslow Office Park, Bryanston,

20 Northridge Close